Dworek Jeziorki

Discover the wonders of our manor

We are waiting for you here.

Check up on the Country Manor in Jeziorki. Feel the unique atmosphere, which is created by a nineteenth-century mansion, together with a picturesque view of a park, vineyard and stud, as well as by the vicinity of the extraordinary nature and the people who are here. If you are looking for a rest, relax, and remarkable culinary experiences...if you are planning a celebration. We are here for you.

See, touch, check

The Internet has its benefits as well as limits. We are glad that you are visiting our website. But we would rather show you around our Country Manor in person. Because are there any perfect words to describe the wind rustling the vine leaves, the scent of the herbs blooming nearby, or the juicy taste of roast duck made by our chef? How to illustrate a relaxing sauna after a tough day, soft bedding on a spacious bed and aromatic coffee in the morning? It is said that one picture is worth a thousand words. Have a foretaste. See what our place is like. And then come, touch and check it out yourself.